Sunday, October 7, 2012

When sisters rally

On June 25th, I received an email that no one hopes to ever get from a friend.  A sorority sister  whom I had seen over the years since graduation, informed us (her Sigma Lambda Gamma sisters) that she had been diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  Being in my 30s, I knew that I would one day be faced with this very situation, but I had somehow convinced myself that I was going to escape the direct relationship with someone battling this disease.

Rather foolish, I know.

Deyla is a force of nature.  She served as a paramedic....married the love of her life....had two adorable kids...and lives her life with a very sweet smile and huge heart.  Though no one should ever have to battle this illness, I know that her inner strength will help her in this battle.

One of her previous partners decided he was going to throw her a benefit.  This man's huge heart was in the right place, but boy did he need some help organizing the event.  One of my sisters had been on his original outreach list, and she called on us to come together to do what we do best.  Many of us have had years of experience in throwing large events and fundraisers...but now you also throw in our love for Deyla and you get an unstoppable force of a committee.

So on September 30th, we hosted our Pink Ribbon Warriors' Benefit for our dear friend Deyla and raised over $12,000!!!  We were exhausted...we battled with competing personalities....and were astonished by the generosity of others. 

Deyla's battle has just begun, and her committee of sisters, family and friends has only just started on their journey.  Our September 30th fundraising event may have been a huge success, but we know we can do more.  So watch out world - you ain't seen nothing yet!

We were so happy Deyla was healthy enough to come and see how many people loved her.

Our committee organized over 30 incredible baskets for raffles, about 15 silent auction items and multiple money raffles.

If we made it through pledging...then we'll make it through anything.  Together - we are unstoppable!  Hermanas por vida!

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