Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A special request for a special daddy

One of my newest coworkers received some difficult news regarding her dad's health last week.  While there isn't anything we can do to change the circumstances, we are all trying to rally around her to give her the support she needs so she can be there for her dad.  Her mental strength and positive attitude are sure to be a source of comfort for him along this long road...but we all want her to know that she can lean on us!

I was absolutely touched to receive a request for three cards for her very handsome and sweet papa.  One is needed tomorrow, so I raced home to create something masculine enough for him but pretty enough to represent her.

In digging through my arsenal of supplies, I found a card I had started making in an Archiver's class, and I realized it was perfect for what she needed it to say.  So I whipped out my vintage type-writer (bought at Nest Vintage Modern) and added the final touch to the sentiment on the front of the card.

The typer-writer font was perfect for this vintage themed card.

view without the camera flash glare

Sending this very sweet man some positive vibes!!!!  If his daughter is any indication of the type of life he has lived, then we need him to stick around for quite some time longer so more goodness and love can be shared.

We're rooting for you!


  1. I LOVE your card but I hate the circumstances...I am sending some good thoughts to your friend. Gentle hugs to you for strength to be by her side :)

    1. Thanks Margie - I hate the circumstances too! Keep those good thoughts coming!

  2. Very good choice. My prayers to her dad.