Thursday, January 26, 2012

color palettes for my curtain detail

I couldn't wait.  I had to take  5 minute breather to look at some of my favorite and saved color palettes on pinterest. 

I realized quickly that I want the colors to be on the warmer side.  Most of my home is currently in the cooler zones...blues, greys, chocolate browns.  Love them but they are in my places of peace and rest.

My kitchen has dark orange, brown and pops of red and yellow. makes me happy. It truly does....but I don't want the entire curtain detail to be sunshine.  I want it fun and I want it edgy.  So here are some of the palettes I'm going to use to guide me final fabric choices.

I like the variety of colors in this palette.  I think I could have some fun with fabric textures and prints.

this is on the cooler side...but it has the pop of brightness that I like.

I yellow.  But I heart the lime green and fuschia combo here.  It's also a bit cooler than I want. But I think it's sophisticated.  And one of my shelving units is dark grey.

I love the red in here.  I have a beautiful, small art piece my cousin made that incorporates red so it would be nice to have red in the room.

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