Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Run Forest (umm...Nubia), Run!

Well, after writing my post last night, I noticed that my cousin Patty was on a mission to make her body a lean mean machine.

First - let me say that Patty is already lean and gorgeous.  She loves working out and actually trained to possibly become a certified fitness trainer.  I don't know if she ever went through the actual certification process but she's all about motivating folks to start moving.  This is the adorable Coach Patty:

So....I told her that I had every intention of getting up to run this morning.  She promptly asked me what time I wanted to be out the door.  I knew I was in trouble - a phone call and/or text was sure to come.  So no dilly dallying for me this morning when the alarm went off.

I was literally getting dressed when the first text came through.  I kept getting texts until I was out the door.  LOL!  I love her for that.  My favorite text was this one: "Goal time to be out the door:'s 3 minutes past!".  How awesome is that?! did it go?  Well, I knew that I hadn't hydrated well enough to do this well, but at least I got out there!

It took me about 30 minutes to run a little more than a mile.  By the end of it, I had a side cramp and a terrible shin cramp.  Ugh......I felt old and totally out of shape!

My goal is to run the half marathon in August in 3 hours 30 minutes.  I'd like to finish the race while I can still get a medal :)

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