Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Why must I be a responsible adult?!!!

Tomorrow, there is going to be a HUGE sale on the one scrapbooking tool that I have been dying to own but could not justify investing in just yet - while I pay off my credit cards.

And why did I start Christmas shopping early to save money......and buy my ticket to DC....and send my sister a couple of presents cuz she's poor and living away from all of us?!

Had I been the normal irresponsible adult I had been a few years ago (with my finances)...I would just charge this item, but alas....I won't.  I'm gonna be good.

I will instead one day pay the full damn price for the gadget.  LOL!

Stupid responsibility ;)

And in case any of you have been eyeing this tool....there is a 40% off sale tomorrow (only) at Cricut.com

Happy Holiday shopping, everyone!

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