Thursday, June 17, 2010

crazy May

I've received a scolding not too long ago for having neglected my blogs.  I'm sooooo sorry folks :)

During the month of May, I had my butt kicked at work.  Early May is the toughest time of the year for my division.....huge events (multiple) with our tiny team of 3 as the main leads on all of them.  Thank goodness for great coworkers who pitched into to help in the wee hours.  We honestly were staying in the office till 10:30p on some nights leading up to the events.  And boy do I wish I could tell you we were procrastinating all day, thus forcing us to stay late.

Alas, we worked hard moving items and printing things ALL day.  While we waiting for batches to print, we did find some time to make each other laugh - partly out of sheer delirium from not having eaten. 

I present examples of our fun!

A little love nibble from my work BFFs....they crack me up!

Totally one of these moments where you had to be there to understand.  
Trust me....we were crying of laughter.

You know you're at work late when you have a chance to ask the 
cleaning crew to take a pic of you before they leave for the day.

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